Still, the dollar's upside is expected to be contained by
worries over the tightening U.S. presidential race, analysts and
traders said. Just days out to the Nov. 8 vote, Democrat Hillary
Clinton's lead over Republican Donald Trump in the polls has
appeared to dwindle after the re-emergence of a controversy over
her private email server. 
    "We are mired in a classic market reaction that is driven by
fear and uncertainty," said Stephen Innes, senior FX trader for
FX broker OANDA in a note.
    "The current climate with extraordinary political risk is
not for the faint at heart and finding prudent investment
opportunities in currency markets may prove challenging as
everyone is interpreting some element of the ticker tape
    Anxiety over a possible victory for Trump has rattled
investors over the past week, as there is great uncertainty on
his stance around trade, foreign policy and immigration. By
contrast, Clinton is seen as the status quo candidate by


NEW YORK CITY - SEPTEMBER 3 2015: Republican candidate for president Donald Trump announced he had signed a pledge not to run as an independent candidate should he fail to win the party's nomination in 2016.