EURGBP 06-10/08/2018

Technical Analysis:
Pair now:
1. Resistance levels as shown on the graph at 50 Fibonacci levels to 61.8
2. Maori resistance levels when
3 – strong buying signals on the pair at both the Stochastic and RSI tend to bottom
4. The MACDI indicator shows you the start of the price by breaking the zero line
5 – opportunities to sell the list on the pair being below the resistance line represented by 78.6 Vibo and here represents the highest resistance possible to reach the price but in the long run and in this case the Stub Adha
6 – Sales opportunities list of the emergence of Price Action on a smaller frame
7 – The areas that have been identified are not pending orders, but areas may reach the price and then rebound with the advent of signs of sale or purchase, for example, vibrations or oscillations or Paris Action and …
8 – Stob and target were placed according to levels of support and resistance

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