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Hello traders and welcome to Friday the 13th of march. Well I was going over some charts as nothing really has move from the Asia session and we have no data until the NY session. I was looking at this chart and to my surprise I found what looks like a good set up for the London session. You can see we have bounced off a support area however it has spiked this two times already and I am expecting this to make a closed candle below the support that is marked with the blue line price 128.56. It is also the daily pivot point hard to read on the chart. We just need that close below this support and I am looking to take this sell trade to 128.00 close to a 50 plus pip trade depending where you have entered the trade. The stop looks good at 129.08 depending on your money management. Traders have a good trading day and enjoy your weekend break. Talk Soon…. William

By FXOpen