Finpari Review

Finpari Review


Finpari is an exciting binary options broker that was founded in 2014. They are proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in this competitive space. We’ve narrowed the reasons for their success down to using a proven platform, offering multiple banking options/quick withdrawals (1 hour!), but mainly – their diligent approach to looking after their customers. They seem to truly value and work with their traders to ensure your trading experience is second to none.

The company was founded by a group of individuals from the financial markets. This is one of our preferred scenarios for online broker ownership, as it means Finpari benefits from the experience of professionals that understand what you need. They focus on providing you, the trader, with the tools required to help you succeed (eg: the technical and fundamental analysis provided on your dashboard).

The company has registered offices in the Seychelles under the company Lerona Impex SA. They also have a second company registered in Scotland called Norske Inter LP. Despite the multiple offices and size of their operations, Finpari is unregulated and operates as an offshore broker. The platform is open to traders from ALL REGIONS, except the USA (correct as of December 2016). They have however operated with huge success in providing services to traders from across the rest of the world. Their banking is conducted within Europe, and in a practise found with regulated brokers, they also separate operational and customer funds, thereby safeguarding your investments.

Customer service seems to be paramount for Finpari regardless of the experience/deposit amounts of their traders. I also found out that the team at Finpari are incentivised to help traders make money – a truly refreshing bit of knowledge which explains their eagerness for support and account management of a high standard. This also means the broker is perfectly suited for less-experienced traders. High volume/value traders are also very much catered for here and a number of tools necessary for successful trading are provided (eg: indicators, educational materials, personal financial managers, live on-screen/phone support).

Trading Platform and Features

Finpari is powered by the Spotoption Spot 2.0 platform. This is a fantastic, and well proven piece of software. It requires no download and it is very intuitive. The platform is web based, and also available as an app on both Android and iOS devices. This makes trading possible anytime and anywhere. You can access your account, place trades, and track your open and expired positions directly from your phone. The Spot 2.0 platform is also optimized for mobile web use, so it works equally well with your mobile browser. The platform truly does shine, not to mention the mobile variants make trading at Finpari highly suitable and convenient for traders with busy schedules.

We have no hesitation in recommending Finpari for use by both beginners and experienced traders alike. With seven trading tools based on different strategies, and the functionality to trade using one or all of the tools simultaneously, the broker works well on both short term (30 seconds) and long term (one year expiration) strategies. The investment amount per trade is also highly attractive as it starts from as little as $1 and goes up to $1500. This safeguards traders and allows you to exercise a risk management/scalping strategy with your funds. If you wish to make larger trades, simply ask your on-screen livechat support representative for more information.

You can trade your own strategies as an experienced trader or use all the tools provided by the platform to succeed. An example of this is the standout “Spot Follow” feature. This allows you to monitor Finpari’s most successful traders and copy their trades/positions for optimal results.

Trading Accounts and Payouts

Finpari offers 3 types of accounts, each with 1-hour withdrawals, full access to their invaluable support team and a number of other account-specific benefits. The minimum deposit amount is $250, however, the account-type you are assigned depends on your deposit amount; the higher the deposit, the better the account type/perks. Note: The 1-hour withdrawals are a unique feature to Finpari.

All traders are also entitled to a demo account, which can be requested after your first deposit. The demo account will allow you to get a feel for the platform and practice your strategies within the same trading environment as the real account.

Trading Account Types:

A deposit of $250 – $999 will provide you with access to the Bronze account. This provides access to a demo account and a trading course (e-book and video). You also qualify for a 20% bonus on the invested amount.

Deposits of $1,000 – $2,999 will provide you with access to the Silver account. This account also provides you with access to a demo account and a trading course (e-book and video). What sets this account apart is the benefit of a 50% bonus on your deposit amount, 3 risk-free trades and a Master Class Web training session. You may also be eligible for trading protection (%-based return of funds lost. Ask your account manager for more details. Terms and conditions apply).

Deposits of $3,000+ will provide you with access to the Finpari Gold account. This account comes with a very attractive 100% bonus on your deposit amount. You will also benefit from all the perks of the Silver account, but also a personal account manager. This will make a huge difference to the progression/success time-frame of less-experienced traders, and provide assistance in managing more complex trades/strategies of more experienced traders. All Gold account holders will also receive a prepaid credit card to streamline the deposit and withdrawal process.

Tradersasset Tip: Ask your account manager for the features that you want regardless of your deposit as there may be promotions available that allow additional perks.

Banking Options

Finpari offers a huge variety of trusted payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Payments can be made through all major credit and debit cards, including AMEX. In addition, Finpari provides alternative payment methods, such as Neteller, Bitcoin, UnionPay and a number of others.

You may fund your account by using any currency, but trading accounts are only offered in three major currencies: EUR, GBP and USD. The deposits can be made by using credit/debit cards such as AMEX, wire transfer and e-wallets. The minimum deposit is $250 and there is no maximum deposit limit. Finpari was one of the very few brokers that worked with PayPal, however they have since replaced this with specialist wallet (and my preferred deposit method); Neteller. This and other e-wallets they partner with make handling payments secure and easy. The extensive list of banking options is a great indicator of the financial stability at this broker.

The biggest selling point, and highly attractive feature of Finpari, is the speed that withdrawals are dealt with. The broker processes withdrawals within one hour of their approval, (approval is also a speedy process). This is a unique feature for Finpari and provides traders with the opportunity to manage their funds as it suits them.

Withdrawals are processed back to the origin/source of deposit. Therefore, traders using bank wire to make deposits will receive funds back into their funding bank. The same applies to credit card deposits, however, any funds above the initial deposit amount will be forwarded to an available e-wallet such as Neteller.

Tradersasset Tip: Verify your trading account at the time of your first deposit so your first withdrawal can be within the stated 1-hour withdrawal time. Alternatively, you will be asked to verify your account at the time of your first withdrawal, which may cause delays.


As stated throughout this review, the support team at Finpari are truly a class-act. This is one of the standout features of this broker, and one that many other brokers cannot match. Their logic cannot be faulted – “take care of your customers, and the customers will take care of you”.

The team is multilingual, however, we only tested their English support team. They are also available via telephone, livechat and email (24-hour response time). We found that phone calls were answered throughout the day, and on every day of the week. This is especially useful as Finpari is one of the few brokers that offers currency trading throughout the weekends. The livechat is in real-time, and is present from the registration screen and throughout your time on the platform. This is a great support system for less-experienced traders or those that are new to the platform.

We found the team knowledgeable and helpful for questions about the platform, trading tools and trading preparation (analysis and strategy). Your trading-success can depend on this support. It seems that the support provided by Finpari’s Account Managers and Financial Analysts is absolutely genuine and worth exploring. Their advice gives the impression of them being well seasoned and experienced, and every trader is assigned an account manager. Depending on the type of account you have, a financial analyst will also provide training and tips on money management, best practises and so on – all are vital components in trading, especially for beginners.

Why Finpari?

As you can tell by this positive and glowing review; we are fans of Finpari. It’s hardly surprising, as they really are a well-rounded package!

Benefits Summary:
Open to all regions except the USA (since December 2016)
Numerous popular deposit options & 1-hour withdrawals (unique to Finpari)
Proven technology providing multi-platform trading
Truly spectacular multi-format trading support

Finpari is one of the only binary options brokers open to traders throughout the world. There are very few brokers that offer this freedom, collaborate with major payment systems, and provide this level of speedy transaction handling.

Our research also indicates that the company has invested heavily in their infrastructure and financial backing, providing additional security to traders. We tested their communication, efficiency authenticity, and Finpari passed all of these admirably. It gives us great pleasure to rate this broker with the four stars.