Having heard from President Obama that his legacy will be having "saved the world from another Great Depression," it appears the next great white hope of the Democrat party envisions her role as no less challenging.


As Washington Times reports, in a fundraising email Wednesday morning, after Mr. Trump ousted his final major opponent the night before, Mrs. Clinton's team said a year ago it was "unimaginable" that the maverick businessman would capture the GOP nomination.

“I don’t know how else to say it: The whole world is counting on us to win this thing. And we owe it to them to step up,” wrote Clinton staffer Christine Reynolds.

Mrs. Clinton, who has advocated for cutting the influence of money in politics, is nonetheless hoping her own prolific fundraising can be an advantage as she faces Mr. Trump, who so far has done little to actively solicit others’ money.

The email requests a donation of at least one dollar.


“Please give today and let’s start defeating Donald Trump right away,” Reynolds concludes, promising to send donors a bumper sticker if they kick in.

Having seen a myriad of #NeverTrump-ians dump millions of dollars in negative ads only to spur support among his core, and interestingly noting one poll this week putting Trump ahead of Clinton nationally, it seems comical that Hillary with her 10s of millions of Wall Street sponsorship would be reaching out to mom and pop at home for more money… unless of course it is in the vain hope of reducing the average donation amount to counter at least one root of attack from trump?

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