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Until one day when I discovered the binary options I know that this may sound very complicated, but it really is a very simple thing. You only need to select the setting you want to trade (say, for example, shares), and to offer, whether prices are rising or falling. It is not necessary to know how much they will rise or fall. You need to know only whether YES prices are rising or NO they are falling.
A simple example of binary options example, suppose you want to bet on it, the USD / EUR price rises for the next 60 seconds. This price has risen steadily for the last 30 minutes, so that will continue to rise to 100% probability in the next minute payout ratio is 80% and you bet € 10th Indeed, the price will rise and you will win € 18 (€ 10 on your down payment, then the real profit of € 8, because the payout is 80%). It’s a pretty significant win, because even if only 0.01% of the price rises, you will always win anyway 80%!
In addition, you do not have to wait, because the transaction takes only 60 seconds, and all you need to do.
is one of two buttons to click.
Binary options other than contributing money can very easily because only a drop in the growth and non-specific value of it. Personally, I often bet against the shares of such companies as Coca-Cola, Facebook and Apple. But, frankly, not that much difference between what you shares trading. Just follow these five tips:
Step # 1 Choose one of the website of the outstanding shares.
Step # 2 Find out if the value will increase or decrease.
Step # 3 € 10 a transaction, just press the button ( increase or decrease ) and choose the amount you wish to bet.
Step # 4, wait for 10 or 15 minutes until the transaction away valued.
Step # 5 The money is transferred to your account – a total of € 18 (your original investment of € 10 plus € 8 return)
The growing trend. If you see the share moving up trend (on the left column) always betting on short-term growth.
If the graph has risen during the last minute, as in this picture, it is clear that it will continue to rise following a couple of minutes.
Descending trend. If you see a downward trend in the share (located in the left column) is always contributing to a short-term decline.
Stable trend. If the share value is stable (the price does not change), or wait a bit looking for some other shares.