How long will the range of 22000-23000 last?

Japan 225 OANDA:JP225USD

I think that the range of 22000-23000 will not last long.

Following the course,
July 2: It penetrated down 22000 that is the neckline of the blue double bottom .
July 5: It was bounced back by YPP (P) and returned to the range.
July 9th             and July 12th: It went up as attacking the short entry on July 2nd while swinging around.

After the movement of attacking while swinging the breakout, the break succeeds after trying it a couple of times.
Therefore, it seems that there will be some move to clearly penetrate the red line or break YPP (P) downward.

Based on that, the latest is as follows.

<< tactics >>
1) MPP (R1) functioned as a resistance after failure to penetrate the red line.

Short entry.
The first limit is above MPP (P) 22441.9.
The second limit is above 22000.
The third limit is above YPP (P) 21488.5.

2) It went through the red line and 23000 upwards.

I will observe to find the next entry point.

I would be grateful if you like it idea,give me follow or agrees!

————————- <Legend> ————————–
Brown thick line: Yearly Pivot Points (YPP in the text)
Light blue thick line: Monthly Pivot Points (MPP in the text)
Green thin line: Weekly Pivot Points (WePP in the text)
Indigo thick line: Horizontal line or Trend line seen by weekly or monthly
Indigo thin line: Horizontal line or Trend line seen by 4hourly or daily
Indigo dotted line: outstanding round number.
Red thick line: Untrustworthy line for me

Red curve: EMA 20 close
Indigo curve: EMA 200 close
Green curve: EMA 800 close
Black curve: EMA 1600 close

x mark: Line which may not function
————————- <Legend> ————————–

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