Option Robot Review :- Is Option Robot Scam ? Important Points !!
Important Update:- “Is Option Robot A Scam ? Checkout my Option Robot Review explaining the Autotrader. The Option Robot App is a simple-to-use but effective trading app for binary options. Furthermore, the efficacy of this robot is further reinforced by an in-depth explanation of how it works to make money off the markets. If you doubt anything concerning Option Robot software, you should perhaps familiarize yourself with the trading principles that this software follows before trades can be placed in the live markets. Like every other binary options app, this Option Robot Autotrader too is 100% hands-free. This means you can make money even when you’re not around to monitor your account’s progress.
Unfortunately, critics are working extremely hard to find mistakes with this software. It is for this reason that we decided to publish a comprehensive Option Robot review to help clarify matters once and for all. Let’s begin by highlighting some of the features which have been highly touted by the owners of Option Robot signals.
Is Option Robot A Scam ? Checkout The OptionRobot Detailed Review !
Three Effective Money Management Strategies For Trading With Option Robot Software !
The Option Robot review system was developed with 3 effective money management strategies to help increase or preserve your bank roll in the worst case scenario. The strategies included here are named as Classic, Martingale, and Fibonacci systems.
The classic system of trading is considered the most basic of all since it focuses on investing the same dollar amount on trades regardless of the past outcome of a position which the software placed. Apparently, it is also the most secure way of trading with Option Robot software.
Secondly, the Martingale trading system is a variable trading strategy. It is the riskiest yet most profitable of all systems used here. If you want to trade with the potential of making fast profits, this is the method to use. Option Robot App also ensures that each asset and Forex pairs are invested into the market using a separate Martingale sequence which is unique to them.
Finally, the Fibonacci style of money management is also used in this software to give you the chance of limiting your risks where necessary. It is exactly the opposite of how Martingale trading works. Basically, this system instructs the software to reduce the investment size after a previous loss. But when the previous trade was a winning one, the preceding trade size would be increased.
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Important Indicators Available With Options Robot App Reviewed !!
The Option Robot Review App lets traders control how the system works to make money. It is for this reason that users are given a choice of 6 indicators to select before placing a trade in the market. If you select all the 6 indicators, it means the software will have to wait until all the 6 indicators can speak the same language. But this would also mean fewer signals on a daily basis, which is even better than risking your hard-earned money on signals that aren’t 100% confirmed.
What you choose for your trading is generally up to you. But the most important thing to remember is that these Option Robot signals can generally be configured according to your needs. And just in case you’re not familiar with these indicators, this brief explanation concerning them will give you some clue:
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(2.1) Trend Analysis.
Just like the name suggests, trend trading is the act of placing trades in the direction of the momentum. If buyers are in charge, the trend will rise, and thus Option Robot system will place a Buy order. The same scenario applies when sellers have dominated the charts.
(2.2) Relative Strength Index (RSI) Indicator.
This indicator basically signals Option Robot Review App to sell when price gets high and buy when prices get too cheap. This indicator is also known as the ‘’People’s system’’, and is very reliable in most cases.
(2.3) Stock Analysis.
This indicator is concerned with factors related to speed and momentum of the market. If these factors are moving strongly in one direction, the app will buy or sell accordingly.
(2.4) Williams.
This indicator identifies extremes in the market so that it can depict oversold and overbought levels. When these levels have been identified, Option Robot software will take appropriate action to enter a trade position.
(2.5) CCI Analysis.
CCI is concerned with average data over a given length of time. This average is then used to draw a trend. In other words, CCI can also be used as a trend indicator.
MACD is nothing but a measurement of 2 moving averages on a chart. It uses past history records to forecast the market appropriately.
And now the good thing is that Option Robot signals will give you the freedom to select these indicators according to your needs. You can even engage the 6 of them at once in order to get accurate trading signals.
(3) Trade Amounts.
The OptionRobot App was developed with a feature that allows traders to make adjustments of the value of trades they want to enter. This value ranges from $5 all the way to $500 per trade.
Advantages of using Option Robot App For Your Trading.
There are certainly many benefits which you’d enjoy when using this OptionRobot Review App as a trading tool. They have been highlighted below — just in case you’re not aware of the advantages that you’ll be getting:
(a) Compatible With Multiple Brokers.
The Option Robot Review System has partnered with more than 5 brokers for your trading. Choosing which broker to do business with is up to you. Among the brokers who feature in the list of binary brokers who are supported in the platform include Stock pair, Binary Tilt, Tropical Trade among others. They are all licensed to act as brokers linking traders with the money markets.
(b) The Option Robot App is 100% Free To Use.
Although Option Robot is a very effective trading app which follows sound principles of trading, this app is being offered free of charge. No licenses to purchase here. The developer on the other hand receives commission from brokers.
(c) Wide Range Of Assets To Trade In.
The Option Robot works with brokers who support all types of assets that are traded in the market. All Forex pairs are supported for your trading.
With all the technical indicators which are involved in analyzing the market before Option Robot can place trades, we are fully convinced that this success rate will be achieved by this software. However, this rate is not constant, though it will always be above 70% most of the time.
Is Option Robot a Scam System ?
Is Option Robot scam? No way, this can’t be true. People who call this robot a scam don’t have the slightest idea about it. And even though some people soil the name of Option Robot Review website, it doesn’t mean that what they are saying against this product is the gospel truth.
We have fully investigated and analyzed facts as to how this software works and whether or not it is a sustainable solution to your trading. The fact that Option Robot hasn’t received negative commentaries on the internet means that users are satisfied with what it offers. Reviewers and critics may wish to keep saying that Option Robot software is a scam. However, they have never come up with undeniable proof to debunk this software whatsoever.
We believe that allegations should never be trusted. Furthermore, scams don’t go that extra mile to explain how their software works. Scams don’t include a live chat feature on their website either. They fear communicating with victims after stealing from them.
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Pricing And How To Join The Option Robot Website ?
The Option Robot review website is open to those who want to register. Also, there is no cost associated with obtaining a copy of this software. Basically, you will be spending $250 as your capital for trading and not the cost of the software in question.
When signing up with Option Robot Website, you will need your name, email address and phone number. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you will be redirected to a page that will ask you to fund your broker account. You can choose the broker which you want to work with and you will soon be on your way to making your first profit.
Conclusion :- Option Robot Software is SCAM Free & Recommended !!
The Option Robot basically gives traders the ability to set the system using the style which they want it to trade in. This software was not meant to trade in a haphazard way. That’s also part of the reason why we are saying that this Option Robot review system is not a scam. We’ve tested everything there is to know and found that the promises made on the website are very likely to be true. It is therefore safe to use Option Robot system.
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