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I’m a beginner, will I be able to use robots? How do they really work?
You don’t need to be an expert in day trading to trade with Bots Deriv , as the robots themselves carry out the market analysis and open their contracts according to the bot’s settings, saving you time and study.
When you register at Deriv.com, you will receive your first robot trader to start your trades and you will have access to over 100 robots absolutely free, each of them with a video tutorial on how to use it at Deriv.com Brokerage.
Deriv Bots follow a pre-programmed strategy, and you’ll be able to download several different robots, including bots with 90% assertiveness!
You’ll be able to download bot deriv rise and fall, botderiv differs, botderiv even odd, among others! All with explanation on how to use them!
Already have registration at deriv.com and know how to use robots?
Click the button below and go directly to our platform!
How will I have access to robots?
After you register at Deriv.com brokerage, you will fill out our form above and receive your first robot trader with instructions for use. You will also be directed to our robot platform absolutely free!
Are Bots Really Free or Do I need to pay for them later?
Our Deriv Bots are completely free! You will have access to over 100 trading robots that are constantly updated, and best of all, all robots have a video tutorial so you know how to trade with each one of them.
How much should I start with?
We recommend a minimum of $20 USD as the minimum bet to open each contract is $0.35 USD. The robots are very varied, you can choose from bots that give you more security or greater risk. All of them explained in detail!
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