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Polish “gray cardinal” Jaroslaw Kaczynski warned how his country could be infected by the EU’s “social diseases”.

The influential politician was speaking at his party’s convention over the weekend when he reaffirmed Poland’s commitment to remaining in the EU, though with the important caveat that this “doesn’t mean we should repeat the mistakes of the West and become infected with social diseases that dominate there.”

He didn’t specify exactly what he meant by this, but it can safely be assumed that one of the chief socio-religious ideologues of the EuroRealism movement was referring to the bloc’s policy of so-called “open borders” and attendant lack of interest in assimilating and integrating civilizationallydissimilar migrants, the normalization of non-traditional sexual relations such as homosexuality and other practices, and possibly also the liberalization of abortion laws.

Poland has recently come under criticism for gradually turning into what the ruling party’s opponents describe as a “clerical state” because of the predominant influence that Catholicism wields over the government.

While it might be uncommon for a contemporary European state to rely on religious values when formulating policy, it’s actually nothing out of the ordinary elsewhere in the world. For example, many majority-Muslim countries base their laws off of Islam, including secular ones such as Syria as can be evidenced by Chapter 1, Article 3 of its 2012 constitution where it’s clearly written that “Islamic jurisprudence shall be a major source of legislation”.

All of this correlates to the rising role of Civilizationalism in International Relations ever since the end of the Old Cold War.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Law and Justice party (PiS)

The ruling authorities in Poland feel it incumbent upon themselves to make their country the vanguard of Christian values in Europe following the forced secularization that took place in Central & Eastern Europe during the communist period and which continued into the present day after the secular states of Western Europe imposed their values onto the region during the EU’s rapid expansion there.

The traditionally minded majority of the Polish population feel like they’re losing their unique culture, which is inextricably tied to Catholicism, by the EU’s aggressive secularization and what they popularly consider to be the clandestine Islamization of the continent by Muslim migrants, hence Kaczynski’s channeling of their sentiment in warning about the bloc’s “social diseases”.

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