For reasons beyond the scope of rational thinking, during confirmation hearings today for The Office of Management and Budget, Senator Jeff Merkley, shill from Oregon, produced a photograph from Obama’s 2008 inauguration and compared it to a sparsely populated Trump one — which was taken in the morning before the crowd had filled in, and asked Mick Mulvaney which crowd size was larger.

Much to the delight of the chimped out media on the left, Mulvaney said Obama’s crowd appeared to look larger.

Ben Wehl from Politico was practically masturbating to the thought of Obama’s crowd size in an article published today about the ordeal.


Alas, Trump, the consummate troller in Chief that he is, had to fuck with them — twisting the knife inside of their soulless bodies — ever so slowly, divinely, taking to Twitter to thank a photographer for sending him a picture of the inauguration — which clearly showed a much larger crowd than the one being shilled around by the media-fags.


The media’s response to being checkmated in such a glorious fashion was to nitpick over a small oversight by the photographer.

Shills have to shill. They haven’t a choice.

Can we simply get this behind us, for the sake of unity, and admit that Trump did, indeed, have a much larger crowd than Obama?



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