Pro Binary Robot Review.
With the help of binary options trading robots, binary options trading becomes a bit easier and less stressful. The trading robots also eliminate the errors caused by a human during trading and thus improve on risk management.
However, with the rise of the use of trading robots, there is also an increase in the rise of scammers in the market, who claim to provide excellent robots whereas they are actually after the trader’s hard earned money without minding about the efficiency or the usability of the robot thereafter. Therefore, it is important that the trader first does enough research about any robot before using his or her money to purchase it.
With this in mind, we have done a deep research on Pro Binary Robot, which is a relatively new trading robot, so as to help in answering a few questions like if the robot is genuine or a scam. Read our review to find out more about Pro Binary Robot.
Basic information:
Cost: Free Software: 100% Automated Max Returns: Up to 88% Minimum Deposit: $250 Countries: All nations.
The trading software is fully automated. The robot has a very user-friendly interface.
The affiliate brokers are not regulated There was very little information about this trading software. There is no proof o whether this robot is actually able to generate as much profit as proclaimed by the developer.
BinaryMinery Verdict:
Not Reliable Service.
What Is Pro Binary Robot ?
Pro Binary Robot is a free binary options automated trading software that was developed by Bobby Benson, who claims to have had a wide experience in binary options trading.
The developer has provided a preliminary video in which he says that this robot can earn the trader profits in the range between $5,000 and $7,500 in a week, which is surely a lucrative amount of many by sight. But the truth of the matter is that for any trader to make such profits in a week, he or sh will need to have invested a lot of money as well as risk alot. It is purely impossible for any trading robot to earn a trader such amounts of money from just a mere small investment which most binary options trader invest with an aim of growing the investment slowly by slowly with time.
How Does It Work?
The robot is designed to operate on a number of algorithms which help it to monitor the market and come up with signals to place a call or a put option.
For the prospective traders, this trading robot requires that they first open an account with affiliate brokers before being allowed to use the robot. Then after signing up for an account, you must then make a minimum deposit of $250 to the opened account. After all, this is successfully accomplished, the trader can now choose the settings and authorize the robot to start trading for him or her.
From our research, we found out that after the robot trades for some time, the trader can then withdraw his or her profits. However, we could not identify the exact duration that the withdrawal process takes and there were some complaints about the withdrawal process. Most of the traders who have used the system claims that the withdrawal process takes to long to be finalized.
Final Conclusion: Is Pro Binary Robot a Scam?
From the preliminary video that we found during our review, it was obvious that there are a lot of questions about the legitimacy of this trading robot. It is definitely not possible for a robot to make about $7,000 a week from a small amount of deposit as the $250 they claim.
Also, the developer, Bobby Benson, ha not given a clear explanation of how the robot works apart from the process of getting to use the robot that is well outlined.
There are also a lot o questions about the affiliate brokers which we found in the list provided in their official website since they were all not very familiar brokers and they are also not regulated. This makes one to have some doubts as to whether the whole process could be a scam of earning both the developer and the broker some money.
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