According to unconfirmed reports from Syrian sources, Damascus air defense systems shot down two Israeli reconnaissance drones to the west Syria’s capital. The Syrian Army’s (SAA) air defense systems reportedly engaged multiple targets, possibly hostile warplanes or projectiles. There has been no official confirmation from Israel officials so far.

According to Syrian activist Wael al-Russi, three missiles and one Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or drone, were downed by Syria’s air defenses. Two of the missiles were apparently thwarted in the south of the city and another in the northwest. The drone was shot down in west of the city, according to the activist.

Syrian Journalist Kevork Almassian says his military sources are confirming an “enemy target” was intercepted to the west.

According to journalist Ilanit Chernick with the Israeli Jerusalem Post, Israel may have been targetting Iranian bases near Damascus.

Syrian state media outlet SANA has confirmed the downing of an “enemy” target in Western Damascus. They outlet has apparently posted footage of the country’s air defense systems at work.

With Iran said to be planning a massive military drill in the Persian Gulf,  reportedly to “demonstrate the country’s ability” to block the Persian Gulf, Israel may be eagerly awaiting even the smallest provocation to engage Iran “proxies” and promptly escalate to a broader confrontation, especially one which might benefit from the support of US forces.

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