Top Forex Affiliate Programs

Forex Affiliate – Top Forex Affiliate Programs

The Forex industry is one of the most lucrative online industries. Naturally then there is lots of money to be made as a forex affiliate. We have decided to list all of the available forex affiliate programs that are available online and rate them based on the different deals offered by the affiliate program of those forex companies, resources made available to affiliates and other parameters that we feel are relevant when choosing which forex affiliate program to join and which company will allow you to make the most amount of money as an affiliate.

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Company Name Logo CPA Deal Revenue Share CPL Deal Conversion Rate Accepting U.S.A Traders
Etoro Etoro Affiliate Program 500$ 30% Yes 25% No
Plus500 Plus 500 Affiliate Program 450$ 35% Yes 22% Yes
AvaFX AvaFX Affiliate Program 400$ 35% Yes 20% Yes
#4 youtradeFX youtradeFX Affiliate Program 400$ 30% Yes 15% No
#5 Easy-Forex Easy Forex Affiliate Program 350$ 30% No 13% No
#6 Oanda 300$ 30% Yes 12% Yes
#7 InstaForex InstaForex Affiliate Program 300$ 30% Yes 12% No
#8 4XP 4XP Affiliate Program 250$ 20% No 10% Yes
#9 GFT Forex GFT Forex Affiliate Program 250$ 10% No 8% No


You have probably noticed the amount of money there is to be made as an online forex affiliate. There are endless amounts of potential traders out there looking to join the market. Why shouldn’t you be making money from all of this action?

One thing you need to bear in mind is that you want to join a forex affiliate program that offers you the most per lead (CPL), per action (CPA), revshare (you share profits made with the forex broker) or hybrid (a mixture of the different commissions mentioned).

Another thing that you must remember is that you want to be working with a broker who has an international name and that accepts players from all over the world. That way you aren’t losing potential traders just because they come from a certain country. Taking this into consideration we chose to state whether or not the forex affiliate programs mentioned accept U.S.A players or not.

Last but not least, any affiliate with the least bit amount of experience knows that you need your vendor (in this case the forex broker) to have a high conversion rate. What we actually did was we took statistics based on partners we have in the forex world and checked what the conversion rate was when they supplied leads to these companies. Now this is not exact science but we took the same affiliate who had a large amount of leads (over 5000) and divided them equally amongst each of the brokers. The conversion rate you see above is based on whether or not the trader ended up depositing or not.

Taking all of these parameters into consideration, we have ranked the top forex affiliate programs out there and organized them neatly for you to decide which forex program is the best one for you.

If you know of another forex affiliate program that you want to tell us about or would like to update us about one of the programs mentioned above then feel free to contact us.

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