Binary Options Robot – Review and Trader Feedback.
Binary Options Robot ( is a specialized, free, binary trading software that has very quickly surfaced as one of the best tools for binary options trading. There are plenty of binary trading platforms out there, but there is just one that offers a high level of customization combined with versatility for every type of binary trader.
1. General Information.
During this review, we found out what are the most prominent features of and what sets it apart from the rest of the industry. Seeing that this software is completely free, it is not a surprise that is at the top of everyone’s lists. Fast account opening, modern and visually appealing interface with great features, trading history details are just some of the prominent features this Robot entails. We will be going through all the reasons why this software deserves to be on your number one binary options trading software list, including a free VIP account and all its bonus tools.
2. Software features.
What is perhaps the most interesting and appealing fact about the is that it requires no previous experience with binary options trading. Even better, it is so functional and versatile that it allows traders to develop their trading strategies whether you have never traded even a single trade or you have years of experience. is based on mathematical algorithms that are designed to generate binary signals that tell the trader that there is a potentially profitable trade found. The algorithms scan the financial market, analyze the asset price and market fluctuations to give you the most precise possible prediction. The software is available as a desktop version or an application for your android based smartphone. There is no need for additional plugins or downloads. Trades can be placed only when the trader is online. The software enables traders to trade with multiple brokers. This is important because it automatically creates a higher amount of possibly lucrative trades. In order to find a broker you can trust, you no longer need to do the strenuous research yourself because will offer you the best broker for you based on your location. If you would like to trade with additional brokers, the has compiled a complete list of reliable brokers. This allows the traders to stay focused on what is most important to them, which is maximizing chances for profit.
3. Platform design on platform is designed to give you the best trading experience possible. With its modern and simplistic outline, it if so easy to navigate and makes trading even more enjoyable. With over 50 underlying assets, traders can find anything and everything to trade with. Assets are divided into 3 categories; stocks, currency pairs, and commodities. If trading with different asset types, traders can choose to invest a different amount for each of the assets chosen. In addition to that, you can also choose to activate or deactivate as many assets as you need. Obviously, the higher the number of activated assets, the higher the number of trading options available. Traders are encouraged to make use out of Daily Stop Loss, Max Daily Trades, and Trading Amount tools. These tools can be found under Trade Options and they enable traders to customize their strategies and minimize unwanted loss. Specifically, Daily Stop Loss has the function of limiting your daily spending amount. After the set amount is spent, the Robot will cease to trade. Similarly, Max Daily Trades allows you to customize the number of trades you want to trade. All of the mentioned features are available only if the trader is online. This security measure makes sure the traders are always the ones in charge.
4. How to get a free VIP Account on
After traders go through an amazingly simple registration process, and after their account is activated the software will suggest the best broker available. Once you have your broker, you are ready to make your first deposit. Minimum deposit amounts differ among brokers but the average amount is $250. By placing your first deposit you are given the opportunity to activate your free, one month long, VIP account with multiple additional features that will enhance your binary options trading.
5. VIP account features.
Among the features that traders get for free with their VIP account, offers Risk Levels that optimize your preferred number of trades. Trading Strategies are another perk that the VIP account has on offer for free. There are 5 Trading Strategies that allow traders to select the trading strategy they prefer. Traders can use all 5 strategies simultaneously which results in a higher number of trades. Expiry Times tool deals with a range of duration of the selected trades. There are 2 available durations; 60 seconds and Daily Trade Option. Once your free month of VIP account expires, you are eligible for a prolongation of the benefits. All you have to do is make a new deposit with your preferred broker, whether the same one or a new one. Your VIP account will be prolonged for additional 3 months.
6. Customer Support. takes pride in the efficacy and professionalism of their support staff. They seem to be highly educated and friendly. During this review we contacted their Customer support to ask a few questions we had prior to writing this. All our questions and dilemmas were answered swiftly and eagerly, making sure to remind us that the staff is available for any additional inquiries we might have. Traders are encouraged to contact Customer through the Contact form or Live Web Chat. It is important to highlight that any deposits made, are processed exclusively with a broker. does not ask for any type of payments or apply hidden fees. We hope this review helps anyone interested in finding a perfect automated software for binary options trading. With a wide range of features, offers, any type of trader will find this software beneficial and productive.