#Bitcoin big picture to complement previous post

#Bitcoin big picture to complement previous post

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Copy from my last post which didn’t show big picture

Thur May 24 “#Bitcoin looking to form a pink or blue coloured fractal box ?”

5 hours ago

If you have been following my previous posts you’ll understand what I mean by pink or blue box. Importantly you’ve got to understand how Williams fractals are created. I guess there’s always the chance that the market could change behaviour and catch everybody out by not forming fractal boxes (coloured box idea my own invention). For example what would happen if governments suddenly cut off the electricity supply to miners over sanctions or trade dispute? Would the price spike to $1,000,000 or drop to zero. Interruption of bit coin mining is not something that I think has been ever factored into the market? What effect would such have on price? If bit coin price went too low Miners could just stop mining and push the price back up again Y/N

2 hours ago

Comment: If you look back on the chart the $6,000 low made in Feb ended up a pink box. Therefore blue, pink, or, no coloured box nothing guaranteed. NOT ADVICE ALL STANDARD DISCLAIMERS APPLY.