Donald Trump Endorsed By Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions

Donald Trump Endorsed By Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions

Sunday, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions’ endorsed Donald Trump for President.

This is the 1st time Senator Sessions has endorsed a Presidential candidate, Donald Trump noted at the rally in a Madison, Alabama football stadium filled with supporters.

Analyst see this as a blow to the Cruz campaign, and it is endorsement reaching outside Alabama to Tea Party members who want stronger immigration laws.

Recall, Ted Cruz touted himself as a champion of that cause.

Jeff Sessions has served in the US Senate for 20 years, and has a very strong following in the conservative movement.

The Sessions’ staff helped write the Trump immigration policy position last year, and Senator Sessions is often seen wearing one of Donald Trump’s “Make American Great Again” signature campaign caps.

Donald Trump’s promise to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it and his vow to deport all 11-M illegal immigrants and have them reapply for entry through legal means has boosted him in the eyes of many American voters.

Senator Sessions’ endorsement, combined with that of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie last week, shows a growing acceptance of Donald Trump from both establishment legislators and governors .

“I hate to say it, I’m becoming mainstream,” Donald Trump said. “I’m getting all these endorsements.”

Super Tuesday looms.

Marco Rubio (FL) and Ted Cruz (TX) have to change strategy if they hope to beat GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, and that includes winning their home states of Florida for Rubio and Texas for Cruz.

If either loses his home state to Mr. Trump, they have to pull out.

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