Donald Trump Seen As The Nation’s Problem Solver

Donald Trump Seen As The Nation’s Problem Solver

The biggest 1 day of voting in the Republican primary is Tuesday, when nearly 50% of the delegates needed to secure the nomination are determined.

He is favored in most of those contests, and if he repeats with convincing wins like he had in each of the last 3 primary contests, it will a clear path to the nomination and deliver him control of a party that is dead set against him, and has offered warnings of what such an outcome would mean.

I recall similar warnings about a Ronald Reagan presidency in 1980. All Bunk.

He captured almost 50% of the support in a national CNN poll released Monday, 33 points ahead of his nearest competitor, Senator Marco Rubio.

Donald Trump is projected to lead the GOP in this Fall’s Presidential election, a new nationwide CNN/ORC poll shows.

According to the poll, Donald Trump tops his nearest competitor by more than 30 points

The poll shows:

  1. Donald Trump, 49%
  2. Marco Rubio, 16%
  3. Ted Cruz, 15%
  4. Ben Carson, 10%
  5. John Kasich, 6%

In terms of who Republicans believe the best candidate would be to solve the countries problems, most say Trump for President, he will make America great again.

  1. Donald Trump, 51%
  2. Ted Cruz, 17%
  3. Marco Rubio, 13%
  4. Ben Carson, 10%

The ranting, raving, sweating, desperate mainliner Marco Rubio (FL) is trailing in his home state of Florida by 17 points as he carries the elite GOP banner for the Washington DC insiders.

Donald Trump is unstoppable

Standing on a platform in front of his Boeing 757  on the runway, and a airport hangar packed with thousands of supporters Mr. Trump deepened his voice to ape the Republican elite political class that has failed to halt his march to the party’s Presidential nomination.

“You know, I get a lot of heat: ‘He’s not conservative,’” he said Saturday on that runway near Memphis, TN, mimicking rivals’ complaints about his unorthodox political views compared to past nominees.

“Folks, I call myself a common- sense conservative.”

Trumpeting for Trump


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