Gundlach Live Webcast: Latest Market Observations

Just two weeks after his latest live webcast, in which the DoubleLine CEO and CIO laid out his latest outlook on assets and the economy, once again reiterating his “late cycle’ long commodities thesis, while warning that “rising rates and deficits are a pretty dangerous cocktail” and cautioning that Treasury yields may continue to rise, potentially in response to the shrinking Fed balance sheet…

… warning that while not imminent, “we could very well see a recession in 2019”, today the Bond King is holding another webcast, this time for his closed-end funds, which will have the traditional format of big picture observations, fund-specific thoughts, followed by a Q&A.

Readers can listen to the free webcast by signing up at the Doubleline Website, or clicking on the image below.

As usual, we will highlight the most notable charts, and post the full slidebook after the presentation.

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