Scots Furious After Trump Bans Irn Bru At His Golf Resort

Scots are furious at news that Irn Bru – a luminous orange soft drink more popular in Scotland than Coke – has been banned from Donald Trump’s luxury golf resort because it stains the carpets.

The drink – which purportedly is “made from girders” – bears an unusual resemblance in its hue to that of President Trump.

And it appears it is the bright orange nature of the Scottish beverage of choice that is a problem as Trump Turnberry’s general manager Ralph Porciani explained:

We can’t have it staining when to replace the ballroom carpet would be 500,000 pounds ($678,800) alone,…

We have villas here with Irn-Bru stains in the carpets which I can’t let.” 

As Reuters reports, social media users vented their discontent over the controversial policy.

“This is effectively a declaration of war on Scotland,” wrote lawyer and rugby enthusiast Tim O’Connor on Twitter, echoing other tweets in a similar vein.

Others reacted by mocking Trump, likening Irn Bru’s orange tinge to the U.S. president’s facial skin tone.

“Only one luminous orange object is allowed at Turnberry,” wrote a Twitter user calling themselves I was saying boo-urns, above a picture of Trump speaking at the resort.

On Twitter, Edward MacKenzie said: “This time he really has gone too far!” while Occasionally Odd tweeted: “Why don’t they just make all the carpets #irnbru coloured?” 

First produced in 1901, according to Irn-Bru, the equivalent of 20 cans of its drink is sold every second.

So popular is the drink in Scotland that fans stockpiled cans in anticipation of the UK government’s introduction of a sugar tax on soft drinks last month which forced a change in recipe, cutting the sugar in it by almost half.

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