Please take the time to read the caution at the end.

This method was 9 years in the making. It uses new methods created and tested by me over the past 9 years to determine entry and exit points. No feelings or emotions are involved.  After 9 years, only now am I ready to bring this to the public.

The signal is using a live account so as to prove the performance of the signal. At the very least, watch the results and I do invite you to friend me and talk. In any case, I would welcome your conversation and I would like to get to know who is using my signal.

On all of my tests, it out performs better than any other methods out there and now it is time share it with the public.

I began trading only one pair, EURUSD. However, after testing and a few modifications on my Trade Triggers, I am now trading AUDUSD with extremely good results.

CAUTION:  I am using a TRUE ECN BROKER.  The commissions are 7.00 usd per trade.  If you are using a micro or mini account to test this signal, the results may not be as good since the spreads will be huge.  Therefore, if possible, take the time to open a account using a TRUE ECN BROKER.


If you follow anything I say, I am always concerned about those who copy my trade.  Bad fills with your broker because of a spread can mean a loss.  Therefore, consider using IC Markets. They are a True ECN and STP broker with ZERO to .3 spread.  That means more profit on each trade because the spread did not eat it away.

If you check out the slippage tab, you will see that they are the lowest in slippage.

Best Regards

David Stanton


Signals / MetaTrader 4 / Candle Light
Signals / MetaTrader 4 / Candle Light

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