Summer sell off in all markets, crypto no exception

Summer sell off in all markets, crypto no exception

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

Best case scenario is 4.8k, expected direction 3.3k, bearish scenario 3 digits. ETA either summer or multiple year(s).

Yearly VP

BTC             vs USD Index (still in a bubble)

Artificial pumps on margin won’t cut it, roughly +~100 real btc             from joe fomo and traders won’t push it to 12k.
Bottom accumulation net ~20k, spoofy filled 8k at dump in corrective structure at much lower price, 7k longs near the top and shorts reset.
Summer almost here, crypto and stocks always tank. Betting joe fomo comes back in is a huge mistake. RR wise short > long 5:1.

Before breaking ath             , we need to finish correction, properly and all crypto and stocks always go back to the VP mean, no exceptions spotted, ever.

People saying 6k bottom will never go below are all proven to be new to crypto and trading in general, so please do not comment this.

Good luck to anyone on vacation holding bags when this comes crashing down.