Is binary option robot legit.
You may have received emails or viewed advertisements in which the sender describes a system in which you can make money while you take care of other responsibilities, play or travel. It may state something like set your computer on auto pilot and watch the cash roll in .
What is your first thought when seeing these? If you are like me, the first thought is scam. And, you have a good reason to have this thought. The truth is: many of these types of advertisements are scams that just want to separate you from your money.
But, there are a small minority of these that are not scams. Normally, this minority will not make outrageous promises of millions of dollars or euros swamping your bank account, but they can be used as a system of extra money.
What I am speaking of is a binary options robot.
But, let me first give a basic description of what binary options are.
What Are Binary Options.
You are probably familiar with the various stock exchanges, with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) being the most prevalent. Investors can buy stocks, bonds and commodities through these exchanges. Keep them for some time in the hopes that they will go up, and some also collect dividends from their purchases.
This is a good way to invest, but in this fast paced world we live in, traders started seeking quicker gratification. This is when binary options entered the scene. Using a binary options broker, investors can trade in “quick time.” They trade in stocks, commodities, currencies and market indexes. Instead of keeping their purchase for years or many months, binary options trading is over in 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, etc…
It is fast paced trading.
How Binary Options Trading Works.
As the trader, you may think that Apple stock will rise in the next 5 minutes. You simply put an amount of money ($10, 20, 50, 100, etc…) saying so, and if it does, you receive a percentage that could be 60% up to 90%. If it fails to rise, you lose the complete amount you risked.
So, a trader could find themselves staring at a trading screen all day making these trades. The yard doesn’t get mowed or the garbage taken out. Experts began developments of automatic trading systems.
But, this was also a means for scammers to take advantage of the human population.
I will explain some important things to look for in a binary options robot further down.
How A Reputable Binary Option Robot Works.
To make trades, a binary options robot must be affiliated with one or more binary options brokers. This is the first thing you should study before signing up with a binary options robot. If the brokers are reputable, and in most cases licensed and regulated, the odds of the robot being reputable are much higher.
Another strong factor you should consider is: do you as the trader have the ability to alter trading settings within the robot? You should have control over several factors in the robot’s trading process. Also, you should know what, if any signals system the robot uses to determine the best trades.
There are many robots that will tell you they use special algorithms but they will not tell you how, what, when or why. They also give you no control over the robot’s trading actions. They just want you to deposit money so they can take it.
Option Robot’s System.
Here at Option Robot, you have the advantage of 3 different trading methods, and you can choose 1. You also have the advantage of multiple signal systems, and you have the choice on which ones the Robot uses. You choose the amount invested and how many simultaneous trades the Robot can perform.
The best part is, you have a choice of various binary options brokers. All of the recommended brokers have great track records, and many of them are licensed and regulated.
Option Robot does not use hype and lies. There is no picture of a Ferrari and a mansion in the Caribbean. They do not believe in feeding you crazy promises, but if used properly, you can allow Option Robot to make you some good money in short periods of time.
I highly recommend creating an account with Option Robot and one with a compatible broker. Let the Robot trade while you take care of the other duties of life.