Why have I lost money at binary options?
The main secrets and concepts of trading at platforms of binary options. Causes of loss as well as recommendations.
I have interacted a lot with traders as well as owners of binary options. I have read a lot of reviews and comments. Taking in consideration the obtained information, let me demonstrate the most interesting facts and thoughts regarding this:
Is it possible to earn money at binary options? Yes! It is possible!
How much money is it possible to earn? Much enough, in case if you are an educated trader.
Can they cheat me? Yes, they can, if you use unverified brokers! Verify the broker according to reviews before start dealing with him.
Should I invest my last money in binary options? NO! If you have got troubles on financial side, then don’t even think about investments, because in order to learn how to trade at exchange you will need to spend quite a lot of time and money.
Are there any particular recommendations for the newbie? Yes! Here are some of them:
Carefully read the rules before registering with broker. Use the phone number that you frequently use, while registering with broker. You surely do not want to be disturbed and annoyed by the support team of the website. Do not accept any bonuses, while issuing deposit, because it causes certain limitations for funds withdrawal. In case if you have earned money with trading, then keep in mind that funds withdrawal takes certain amount of time (usually a couple of days) and you should not lose all your earned money during this period. Do not purchase options for a short period of time, because short-term bets tend to be more losing. Analyze the market before buying options and act according to the situation at the market (brokers prevent this type of option from trading in case of rapid drop/growth of currency for a reason). What is it better to trade? Currency? Stocks? Commodities? You can trade anything you want, if you are confident about the growth of drop! Try to trade using the demo account! You will always have enough time to lose your money using the real account!
Also keep in mind that the main thing is calmness. Likewise, if you are unable to think rationally at the time of trade, then it is better to postpone trading to the next day.