Binary options strategies for 30 minutes.
Imagine that you have a binary chart of the euro/dollar pair in front of you. The amount is determined, the direction is chosen and you only have to set when the bet will work out. If your prediction should come true in half an hour, that means you are working with a 30 minute binary options strategy.
1. Compatibility of indicators with binary options strategies for 30 minutes 2. The importance of technical levels 3. Fundamental data 4. reviews.
Scheme of the half-hour binary strategy.
Forecast (above/lower) → expiration (30 minutes) = result (win/loss)
The convenience of the proposed systems is that the trader can work with the following timeframes at his discretion:
M 1 (expiration after 30 candles); M 5 (expiration in 6 candles); M 15 (expiration in 2 candles); M 30 (expiration in 1 candle).
The most popular are trading algorithms developed for M 5. They are preferred by more than half of all practicing traders working with half-hour expirations. This is explained by the fact that from the signal receipt point to the option closing time the price has enough time to implement the intended maneuver (6 closed candles).
Alternative View.
It should be noted that many traders deviate from the accepted standard and consider as strategies for 30 minutes only those techniques that are implemented on the M30 time frame (the expiry date does not matter here).
This approach allows to sift market “noise” and minimize the number of false signals. Of the disadvantages we can note the low trading intensity, which implies the opening of up to 3 transactions per day.
Alternative interpretation of binary options strategies for 30 minutes is suitable for busy traders who do not want to break away from their main activity and spend more than 20 minutes a day on market analysis.
In addition, the strategy on the half-hour timeframe with a long expiration time can be used as an additional technique to strengthen the existing system of earnings.
Binary strategies for 30 minutes belong to the moderately aggressive group with technical simplicity, logical reasoning and high profitability. There is no need to make urgent decisions and make a lot of trades to get the desired result. If you are a beginner, start your acquaintance with the binary market with one of such methods.
Compatibility of indicators with binary options strategies for 30 minutes.
To perform a full-fledged tehanalysis, traders of this group of trading systems complete the following set of tools:
One or three indicators are plotted directly on the chart, indicating the direction of the dominant trend. These can be: moving averages, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Alligator etc. The choice depends on the individual preferences of the trader; histogram MACD – is one of the strongest oscillator, which allows you to determine the optimal entry point. As soon as the bars of this indicator have reversed polarity and the current bar is greater than the previous one, a steady trend has formed in the market which can be used for a trade. Naturally, like any other tool, the MACD is used solely at trader’s discretion. However, its presence has been proven to multiply the quality of a strategy (more than 60% strategies developed for M 30 take into account the indicators of this tool); additionally, any standard oscillator is used to check the received signal. This can be: RSI, Momentum, Stochastic etc.
Indicator composition of binary options strategies for 30 minutes.
1-3 indicators plotted on the chart (help determine the current trend impulse) + MACD – filters incoming signals and allows you to identify the best time to enter + Standard oscillator, confirming or refuting the received signal.
The importance of technical levels.
Regardless of the timeframe used, a half-hour expiration is enough time to cover an impressive distance. For this reason, absolutely any 30-minute strategy must undergo an additional evaluation related to the proximity of significant horizontal levels (conditional barriers to which most market participants pay attention; these zones become a frequent reason for the price to slow down or start moving in the opposite direction).
Take into account the levels should be even when the strategy has a clearly described manual (rule book) with attached templates, and does not provide such an analysis.
Candlestick patterns.
Traders working on the 30-minute timeframe (who hold an alternative view) can reinforce the value of a particular level by identifying significant price formations on its boundary.
Fundamental data.
The performance of any binary strategy for 30 minutes can be greatly affected by scheduled and unscheduled news. Therefore, from the first trading hours, add to your bookmarks Economic calendar and do not check any transaction without its verification (found the news – counted half an hour before and after its appearance – closed the chart and do not trade under any pretext).
Brief Conclusions:
Trading strategies for 30 minutes can be evaluated by expiration time (30 minutes) and by the timeframe on which the transactions will be carried out (M 30);
Scheme of the half-hour binary strategy.
Forecast (above/lower) → expiration (30 minutes) = result (win/loss)
Traditionally, in order to obtain a quality signal, in such systems involves a set of three differently oriented indicators.
Indicator composition of binary options strategies for 30 minutes.
Trading strategies for 30 minutes are used by traders who do not like to take risks, have limited time resources or are in search of additional ways to increase the deposit. Horizontal levels and candlestick patterns strengthen the signal. Trading during the release of fundamental events is prohibited.
To consolidate your knowledge, immediately assess the power of such systems in practice. Right now, study the trading algorithm of the “Puria Method” strategy, which in detail described here.