FreshForex: the most profitable index of the month!Dear traders,

We would like to share March trading results of our clients. Check out FreshForex report about the best trades and the most interesting instruments and set your own records!

Clients’ Results

$4,173.50 is the most profitable transaction in April! This is a short EURUSD position of 5 lots, the order was in the market for over 24 hours.

817.59% is the biggest increase in funds for the month. The client managed to achieve such growth trading EURUSD, GBPUSD, and BRENT oil.

2195 transactions per month were made by the most active client, trading gold and major currency pairs manually from a mobile device.

$104,969 is the best trading result of April! The trader used major pairs, BTC and Sberbank shares.

63% of all April trades turned out to be profitable.

30% of clients with a $1000+ deposit closed the month with a profit.

April Most Interesting Tools 

USD/ZAR and USD/SEK – traders using the ADX trend strength indicator could not pass by currency pairs that showed a strong uptrend in April. Last month, you could have earned $25,003 and $23,394 respectively from of 5.0 lot trades.

BTC is still a good trend tool. By the end of April, it showed an increase of 34.1%. Divergences on the RSI and MACD oscillators on the daily chart in early April indicated the development of an uptrend.

FTSE100 – this leading index of the British Stock Exchange showed the fastest growth because the Bank of England will not raise interest rates on May, 10, which was a positive signal for the stock market. In April, it was possible to earn $18,048 from a 2.42 lot trade.

Brent oil renewed a three-year high against the backdrop of geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. In April, you could have earn $17,499 from a 3.35 lot BRENT trade.

FreshForex: the most profitable index of the month!

*All the profit is counted for a trade with margin of $1 000.

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