How Do You Make Money with Binary Options?
When it comes to the topic of money , many experts advise you to invest in the stock market to increase and secure your capital. However, there are countless asset types and trading methods that can be chosen. One of them is binary trading. Some claim the trading style is risky, while others successfully invest using leverage and the possibility to bet on falling values.
What exactly is binary trading, and how do you make money when choosing this kind of investment?
What is Binary Trading?
When we are investing in the stock market, there are different trading styles and assets we can choose from. We might invest in stocks, resources, forex, and more and decide to hold the positions open for a long time or close it in the span of 24 hours like we do when we are day-trading.
* Binary trading can be described both as an asset type and a kind of trading strategy.
When we trade with binary options , we neither directly buy nor sell assets like stocks, nor do we trade on regular stock markets. Instead, we speculate whether a specific asset’s value will rise or fall OTC (over the counter), on markets outside the traditional national stock markets.
In these markets, the binary options copy the value of a stock market asset of your choosing. That’s why the asset we invest in is called a derivate of this base value. When binary trading, we speculate whether this derivate will have risen or fallen in value till a specific end date is reached.
This special feature, to be able to benefit from falling and rising market movements , is what gives binary options trading its name.
The outcome of this kind of investment is always a binary yes or no answer.
You either win or lose, in contrast to traditional stock market investments, where the success and revenue are often tied to how much a value has risen or fallen.
How to Trade Binary Options?
These characteristics make binary options trading differ slightly from regular stock market deals. Simple speculation would look as follows:
You select the asset you want to base your speculation on and buy derivates of. You select an expiry time for the trade. It can last as little as 30 seconds or up to a year. You select the size of the trade. You select whether you expect the base asset value to rise (call) or fall (put).
Once the expiry time arrives, you will either win or lose money, depending on whether your speculation became true.
More Complex Binary Trading Options.
You can make some adjustments to this basic speculation when trading binary options. For example, you can define how accurate your speculation needs to be for the trade to succeed or chose to trade with or without leverage.
Binary Options Types: The most common binary trade is to speculate whether the expiry time value will be higher or lower than the purchasing price. However, you can also set ranges or ladders. Naturally, you will receive more money if your speculation is riskier. When you accurately predict the expiry value to finish within or outside a preset range, you can gain more money than by just predicting a rise or fall by itself. Leverage: Using leverage means that you only pay a small amount of the strike price when opening a position. The rest of the derivates bought in the trade will be paid for by the broker. How much you win or lose will be based on the size of the trade, rather than just the small portion you invested yourself. This means you can win much more money than you invested. The same applies to possible losses too, making trading with leverage riskier than other trading styles.
Where do you Trade Binary Options?
Binary options can be traded like many other asset types.
* We use an online broker to buy and sell derivates.
But these need to be specialized. Since binary options are not available on regular national stock markets, the broker we select needs to provide access to OTC markets. For example, the Nadex and CBOE exchanges in the US. These markets refer to the market movements of the stock markets but set their own prices.
This is important to know because not many brokers offer binary trading. Since the trading strategy has attracted many scam providers in the past, many international financial institutes and regulations have banned the use of binary options trading. This means that in some countries, when the broker is regulated by a financial authority, these licensed services are not allowed to offer this trading strategy.
That does not mean that binary trading is not available over secure and protected brokerage services. But we need to take extra care when selecting the trading app we are planning to use .
User reviews are a helpful tool in finding high-quality and secure providers.
When we trade with binary options, we speculate whether a base asset value will rise or fall until a specific expiry time. Thanks to this binary result, you either win or lose all. This makes it easy to calculate chances and risks when binary trading.
To trade, we use online broker services that offer access to OTC binary trading markets. Here, we can pick a base asset, expiry date, and whether we expect the value to rise or fall till then. This gives us the unique chance to profit from rising market values as much as plummeting assets if we predicted the movement accurately.
Especially when using leverage, binary trading can give us the chance to make a lot of money. However, like with all trades, it is important to diversify, calculate risks, and gather the appropriate background knowledge to make informed decisions.