Is IQ Option Fake?
Since there are already some fraudulent binary options brokers operating on the market, it may appear to an inexperienced trader that every new platform is a scam. We agree that it takes time to build one’s reputation, but the new ones should be given a chance before they are labeled as scam. As investors, it is advised that you remain alert about the latest scams and events in the market. We are here to answer the question is IQ Option fake or not.
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Is IQ Option Fake? | Inspection.
The scam brokers can be easily segregated from the genuine brokers from their history, which sometimes isn’t at all there. When it comes to IQ Option, we can clearly chalk out that they were first used in Russia in 2008. This makes them older than some other popular binary options platform on the market. But since it was restricted to the Russian market at that time, there weren’t many ways of noticing them. Among the Russian traders, however, they ware very popular and reliable. Today, IQ Option is very famous among all traders for its platform which offers a lot of options, but it’s all very simple and this makes trading very easy. Their developers also provide Android and iOS apps to traders, something scam brokers never do. Our IQ Option Review contains all the necessary information about this broker in general.
But read this article first, you will find out is IQ Option fake or not, as we will answer all the important elements of this broker, such as its platform, payment methods and so on.
IS IQ Option Fake? | What about the Payments?
One of the main aspects of any broker being a scam comes down to their payment policy. Are they transparent? Is everything simple? Are they secure? These are the questions we have to ask if we want to know is IQ Option fake or not.
Again when we conducted a thorough IQ Option Scam Inspection we found out that it holds a CySeC license which is why their payment procedures are strict. Need we say more? They hold insurance obligation to each and every client’s European Bank account. Regarding IQ Option Withdrawal, we can say that average withdrawal request takes up to three days to get processed, excluding holidays. That is a fairly low amount of time regarding industry standards. Continue reading and find out more info about this broker’s trading platform.
IQ Option Withdraw.
Is IQ Option Fake? | IQ Option Platform.
When we’re talking about is IQ Option fake or not, we also have to take into consideration the broker’s platform, how well it is developed and is it user-friendly. We are happy to say that IQ Option has an amazing and well adjusted platform with a very well designed interface. The platform services are suitable for both professionals and beginners. Aside from regular assets, such as indices and currencies, the list of IQ Option trading possibilities includes a unique Bitcoin Index which allows you to trade anytime you want, even on weekends! One of the most important things you will find on IQ Option platform is a total return up to 100 percent which is much higher than that of its competition. Considering the platform and the unique possibilities, we have every right to answer the question ‘Is IQ Option fake?’ negatively.
IQ Option Trading Platform 4.0 Turbo.
Is IQ Option Fake? | How good is their Customer Support?
A reliable platform lives up to the expectations by providing customer support whenever a trader is having issues. Since there is so much happening on these platforms, inexperienced trader might have some questions about how exactly things work, and a trustworthy broker always tries to solve it quickly. IQ Option gives them their direct numbers of offices in England, Spain and Italy for contact. You can also receive your answer in your native language if you prefer.
It is important to highlight that IQ Option has its own system of education, available to everyone on the website, in text and video. It includes an introduction to binary options and all the basic information a beginner should know, like methods of market analysis, money management and so on. Their customer support and the way IQ Option team treats customers give us another good reason for not to think IQ Option is fake.
Is IQ Option Fake? | Available Assets.
It is logical when the brokerages pride themselves in having a wide range of assets, for then they can have traders from all over the world and increase their services. The larger a brand is, the stronger is its reliability. So let’s see how much IQ Option scores on that.
IQ Option is a highly international dealing platform. One can even deal in shares of assets of huge companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba and so on. They offer a wide range of assets to choose from. Plus, the shares of these companies are considered fairly secure for them to invest their amounts here for trade. This is also one of the main reasons why we have to offer a negative answer when asked is IQ Option fake or not.
Is IQ Option Fake? | Conclusion.
So, is IQ Option fake or not? Considering all the elements of this broker, from payment and withdrawal methods, its platform and customer support, we can conclude that IQ Option is a legit broker which can be trusted completely. There are traders from all around the world who have already tried all the possibilities of trading with IQ Option, a broker that can satisfy every trader, beginner or pro. So we instruct you not to wait: open an account with IQ Option and start trading today!
Risk warning: Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page.