308# Speed Forex Trading.
Speed Forex Trading is a strategy designed for very fast trading suitable for all time frames. However, it can also be used for 1 minute for both very fast scalping and Binary Options trading. Speed Forex Trading is a strategy not suitable for beginners, but for traders with experience in Price Action.
Time Frame 1 min or higher.
Currency Pairs: Majors and Indices.
Expiry time for Binary Options 1 minute time frame 5 candles.
Trading Session: Berlin 9:00-20:00 GMT.
Metarader indicators.
Support and Resistance Zone with verified zone.
William’s Percent Range customized.
Trading rules Speed Forex Trading.
Buy or Call.
Wait for the yellow dot to appears at the support line.
Aqua line oversold and the goes above -80.
then open an reversal buy or call position.
Sell or Put.
Wait for the yellow dot to appears at the resistance line.
Aqua line overbough and the goes below -20.
Then open an reversal sell or put position.
Exit position only indication place stop loss below/above support or reistance zone.
Profit Target ratio stop loss minimum ratio 1:1.2.
Note : The key to this system is knowing how to wait for the price to touch a support and resistance zone, then you have to check that the other conditions are formed. If executed well this system has a high profitability and in any case it is an excellent system to train in trading will make you grow a lot. Recommended!!
In the pictures Speed Forex Trading in action.