EURNZD 06-10/08/2018

Technical Analysis:

Pair now:

1 – faces historical resistance on the daily Frim dating back to more than 7 months and was a very strong area to drop the pair from her strongly and during the previous two months the husband fell in Hungary to touch these levels
2. The pair is in resistance areas located at 88.0-78.6 Fibonacci levels on daily basis
3 – very clear signals at the CCI indicator and then it is slow to go beyond the 50 line
4 – pair as you notice once touching the levels of 78.6 Fibonacci was very strong resistance areas to drop the pair and in light of the possibility of continuing to decline from the current points and achieve all the goals listed
5. The Bollinger Band is here in the case of stability below the lower band that supports the pair’s decline strongly
6 – The pair broke the rising trend with a bearish candlestick is very strong and if the pair rose, it could be a re-test of the broken bullish trend on the daily Frem
7-Muffing 20 shows you that his presence here as a very strong resistance
8 – Barbolic Saar indicator shows that the bearish trend after a wave of corrections to complete the bearish path and is expected to complete the downward path from now heading towards the levels of Fibonacci 61.8

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