With equity markets selling off, investors are wonder whether this is it. Has the bill finally come due? Has the gradual build up of risks finally taken its toll on investors? Or, as we’ve seen so often in the past, is it just another over-hyped correction that will play out before normal order resumes? Senior Market Analyst Craig Erlam discusses some of the things rattling investors at the moment and why the market is reacting as it is.

Craig also gives his live analysis on EURUSD (15:35), GBPUSD (17:56), EURGBP (20:38), AUDUSD (23:46), USDCAD (25:46), GBPCAD (27:05), NZDUSD (28:41), USDJPY (29:48), GBPJPY (31:22) and EURJPY (32:17).

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