USDCAD 12-20/07/2018

Technical Analysis:

The pair is now at very strong resistance levels represented
1 – resistance levels reached the pair less than a year ago and these levels were good for the pair represented 1.3200-1.3350 in the long and medium term at both levels of Fibonacci 61.8-78.6
2 – very clear indications on the oscillators Stochastic and RSI near reaching the peak of the purchase and then start Balhbut
3 – very clear signals for buying the pair at the CCI index near to reach the peak of the purchase and then start Balbhot
4 – The pair has two areas of resistance is possible to re-testThe levels of 88.0 – 78.2 Vibu good for sale from point C here, according to the model Cevir that point C extended between 1.13-1.41 Both opportunities for sale to the husband and above it be out of the sale transactions
5. The pair has very strong selling opportunities from the R1-R2 levels at both C1-C2

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